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We believe in arming colleagues Americans in physical and intellectually as it assists them in fulfilling the founding Fathers intention through the Second Amendment: To serve as a check on the state’s power.

We believe that the rights written within the Bill of Rights were not handed to us through an act of law, but were given to us by God the Creator. This unalienable right is God-given. It’s not given by the president, a king or any other government, or else it’s able to be removed.

Our belief is that those brave men who have signed the Declaration of Independence should be respected: “That all men are made equal. They have been blessed by their Creator with certain rights that are inviolable. One of them is Life liberty, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

The Founding Fathers of America were the pioneers of radicalism, who had an innovative idea of an New World where people could enjoy freedom from oppression. Their armed rebellion against the British Crown brought us American Exceptionalism, transforming 13 colonies into a nation that was unlike one other. It was the home of the free and home to the courageous.

We’re worried that many Americans are forgetting what makes the United States an exceptional location. The freedom of individuals is being sacrificed in exchange for convenience and security. In addition, many of today’s generation have lost the reason the reasons why it was that the American Revolutionary War was fought in the first place, the reason it was that the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights were signed and the reason why many today remain against disarming.

We are a firm believer in freedom of speech, privacy, and individual sovereignty. As with the gun control issue, unchecked expansion of the power of the state in all of these areas should be met with protest. However, while the majority of people believe that the problem is right against. the left, some think it’s liberty against autoritarian.

Every round of ammo sold on our site goes to support these beliefs, which is why we voluntarily donate 5% of mcclainammunition.com purchases to an organization of your choice. The organisations we support are champions in the cause of American Exceptionalism whether it’s in our courtrooms or through our legislatures as well as on the frontlines in our military or at the voting booth.

In the end, we believe selling high-quality ammunition is just one aspect of what we do. Our customers prefer us due to our pricing and they keep coming back because of the simple and safe buying experience, quick delivery, and our effort to keep the characteristics that make this country special.

Like freedom, you cannot have enough ammunition

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