6.8 SPC – 115 Grain Open Tip – Winchester USA Ready – 500 Rounds


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Quantity – 500 rounds per box
Manufacturer – Winchester
Bullets – 115 grain open tip
Casings – Boxer-primed You might be ready – but are you Winchester USA Ready? This American-made 6.8 SPC ammunition is designed for the sports shooter who insists on affordable yet unerring accuracy. Test it during serious competition, or relax and sit back as you cloverleaf targets at the practice range!

This cartridge is loaded with Winchester’s most accurate range bullet: the open tip. The 115 grain bullet’s thin jacket wall is exceedingly concentric to create optimal in-flight rotational stability. Its flat base presents a uniform surface for propellant gasses to exert their energy against. Its aerodynamic profile encounters very little air resistance and stirs up very little drag. This bullet’s nose cavity does not provide terminal expansion – it’s there because the open tip bullet’s core is poured into place where it becomes form-fitted to the jacket. All of these features add up to a 0.323 G1 BC projectile.

USA Ready ammunition is loaded with match-grade primers to ensure the most consistent possible ignition and ballistic performance. These brass-cased, non-corrosive rounds are as good for reloading as they are target practice with any rifle chambered for 6.8 SPC.


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