BENELLI 828 U 12 GAUGE 30″ BARREL 2RD 10706


MFG Part Number: 10706
UPC: 00650350107067
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BENELLI 828 U 12 GAUGE 30″ BARREL 2RD 10706

Benelli’s patented steel locking system eliminates wear and tear on the receiver and hinge that cause traditional O/U’s to fail. The heart of Benelli’s Steel Locking System is a solid steel breech block that locks directly to the monoblock, containing all pressure from the shotshell and preventing its transfer to the receiver and hinge pins.

The 828 U triggers reset when the top lever is unlocked instead of by opening the barrels on a traditional over/under—creating a smoother, more consistent opening action. In addition, the ejector system in the 828 U is all contained in the barrel. This design allows for a stronger, more streamlined receiver by eliminating the need for linkages between the trigger group and the forend.


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