308 – 168 Grain SP – Wolf Military Classic – 500Rounds

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308 – 168 Grain SP – Wolf Military Classic – 500Rounds

Manufacturer Wolf Condition New Bullet Weight 168 Grain Bullet Type Soft-Point (SP) Ammo Casing Steel Quantity 20 Ammo Caliber .308 (7.62X51) Primer Type Berdan Muzzle Velocity (fps) 2745 Attracts Magnet Yes UPC Barcode yes 100rounds

3 reviews for 308 – 168 Grain SP – Wolf Military Classic – 500Rounds

  1. msjssiiajsi

    The bi-metal jacketed bullet is known to provide excellent penetration capabilities, and FBI laboratory tests indicate that the importance of penetration over expulsion. If you’re not able to penetrate to the target, what is your ammunition. It’s dirty, but I believe it’s not an issue with my bull-pup rifle. It is able to feed and extract the ammo with no problem. I’ve fired more than 500 rounds and I am a fan of this ammunition.

  2. livilopsistops

    I’m no expert however I do know the difference between good and bad ammunition whenever I use it. I went through around 100 rounds, then ended my use of it. I bought 13 boxes . I’ve got at least over half of them left, and I’m not sure if I’ll run through the remaining ones. This was very inconsistent, and it clogged the Diamondback DB10 a good 10 times. I could not even finish one mag without encountering several problems. It was also unreliable beyond 100 yards. I wish there was the option of getting rid of it or utilize it without the need to run across my firearm. It was not a very dirty ammunition. The cleaning of my rifle wasn’t too difficult. I’ve heard of users complaining about how filthy their rifles were, however mine was not that terrible. It’s expensive to buy better ammo , but in this situation I’d suggest the purchase. I won’t be buying anymore. Thanks! Pros: Clean and tidy Cons: Not consistent

  3. emmyajkate

    They are great for almost things, but you should be aware that they don’t like to be ejected without difficulty, as opposed to, for instance: Remington .308. But, when compared to price you can get the most bang for your buck here.

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