Buffalo Bore Ammunition Outdoorsman 357 Magnum 180 Grain Lead Flat Nose Gas 350 rounds0

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Exploring the Benefits of the 357 Magnum 180 Grain for Self Defense

The 357 Magnum 180 Grain is one of the most popular and effective handgun self-defense ammunition choices for personal protection. It packs a powerful punch and offers great stopping power, making it an ideal choice for home protection. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using the .357 Magnum for self-defense and discuss some of the different types of ammunition available on the market today.

Buffalo Bore Ammunition Outdoorsman 357 Magnum 180 Grains

Owner of Buffalo Bore Tim Sundles on Buffalo Bore Heavy 357 Magnum Ammunition:

Our 357 mag. ammo adds more power than ever before to the 357 mag. This ammo is safe to shoot in ANY all steel 357 revolver – this includes J frames. This ammo is no harder on your gun than any other normal 357 ammo. Please don’t phone us and ask if this ammo is safe in your gun. It is, providing your gun is in safe condition for use with any normal 357 ammo.

We don’t recommend this ammo to be fired in super light alloy revolvers as bullets may jump crimp under recoil, but the ammo itself wont hurt these super light weight revolvers. These revolvers are simply so light that the recoil is severe enough to cause crimp jump.

The below velocities are offered so that you can see what guns/barrel lengths give what velocities with this new 357 mag. ammo. You’ll notice that new S&W revolvers with short barrels are often shooting faster than older S&W revolvers with longer barrels. The new S&W revolvers are very good and are made with equipment that makes them more consistent and faster than the S&W revolvers of yesteryear.

1. 3 inch S&W J frame

  • 19A/20-180gr. Hard cast LFN = 1302 fps2. 4 inch S&W L frame Mt. Gun
  • 19A/20-180gr. Hard cast LFN = 1375 fps3. 5 inch S&W model 27
  • 19A/20-180gr. Hard Cast =1398 fps4. 18.5 inch Marlin 1894
  • 19A/20-180gr. Hard Cast = 1851 fps

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10 reviews for Buffalo Bore Ammunition Outdoorsman 357 Magnum 180 Grain Lead Flat Nose Gas 350 rounds0

  1. ordermc

    Clean burning, ammunition with low flash. I have no issues of any kind with my rifle or revolver. It’s 1400fps on my 6-” Ruger and 1800fps from my 16.25″ Marlin. Two” groups of 50 yards out of my revolver.

  2. masilelajthabo

    Buffalo Bore has done it again. It is my top heavy-hitting gun in .357 Magnum. It is very precise and clean shooting! I’d suggest not shooting it from the snub nostril of a .357. I shoot an 6″ 686 that kicks fairly hard, but when it is shot out of it’s K Frame snub nose it is more painful then the S&W 500.

  3. mariagonzalezortiz

    I bought this for hunt deer using the eight” barreled Colt Python Hunter. Using a Leuopold 4X long eye-relief ‘scope, I shot 4″ groups at 100 yards from an adjustable two-hand rest. I haven’t yet tried it with the Smith & Wesson .357s yet however, I did shoot it with my open-sighted 6-” Python as well and got 3″ groups using wide sights, at 50 yards. This could be great for certain people however for my eyes I think this is a great shot!

  4. laylalu

    I have not fired this load in 357 yet but the 10mm loads go KABOOM!

  5. kdmaluto

    I was shocked as I opened the package and found one round with the primer placed on the side. I’m shocked that this round was able to pass the QA examination while being it was being packed. The ammunition shoots o.k. however I’ve seen better groups when I use my handloads. 1400fps for a 180 grain bullet is great, however I will not purchase this item for the next time.

  6. mikaiacarr05

    Excellent ammo. Some real punch for a .357. Plenty accurate too.

  7. ordermc

    This ammunition isn’t for those with weak hearts. It’s a intense and powerful cartridge perfect for hikes however it is not recommended for brown bears , however I’d be able to feel confident using this cartridge in the face of almost all critters.

  8. ordermc

    I purchased this for carrying in the backcountry with 5-” barrel GP100 but it’s an absolute blast shooting so I’ve required to purchase about three boxes over several years. I would feel quite comfortable smoking the smokin’ of a Colorado black bear shoot this ammo. My opinion is that it’s worth the investment on a good gun, invest a little more in an ammo that is nice.

  9. ordermc

    When shooting tests. This round is nice and adds a more heft to the normal .357. Much louder. I bought these to use in the event of camping in the backcountry. They are too expensive to be shoot. If the time comes, I’d like them to succeed but they won’t be able to tell the difference until later. Everyone should have at minimum one box of Smith Wesson 357 trrr8 8 moon clip shot

  10. ordermc

    I purchased this to shoot Whitetail using the Ruger the 77/357. I shoot an 1.5 inches group of 100 yards. There is very little muzzle flash from the rifle and there is only a little recoil. The sound is acceptable. I tried this during the hunting season and shot an 2.5 years old deer 30 yards using just one shot. It was a perfect double lung shot but the deer walked thirty yards following. I was able to clip one of the shoulders on the front side, and the bullet was able to pass through. I was extremely impressed. I would highly recommend anyone using these to Whitetail.

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