45-70 Government, 300 Grains,1880 Feet Per Second,300Rounds

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The only tag these 45-70 Government ammo loads won’t fill is the price tag. The traditional lead-core hunting bullets in Federal® Power•Shok® rifle loads provide solid accuracy and power at an affordable price. They feature reliable Federal brass, primers and powder and are suited to a wide variety of medium and big game.

  • Consistent, proven performance
  • Load and bullet designs for everything from varmints to big game
  • Affordably priced


Caliber 45-70 Government
Bullet Weight 300
Muzzle Velocity 1850
Bullet Style Jacketed Soft Point
Ballistic Coefficient .289
Bullet Length In 0.810in. / 20.57mm
Package Quantity 20
Usage Medium Game

4 reviews for 45-70 Government, 300 Grains,1880 Feet Per Second,300Rounds

  1. kdcln32

    This is a very high quality ammunition! I own the Handi rifle that was made by H&R. I fired 3 rounds in fifty yards, and three shots at one hundred yards. all three rounds of fifty yards and one hundred yards were overlapping together in a group. Additionally, this ammo does not have any issues taking down hogs or deer within one hundred yards.

  2. cakatanamaster86

    This ammo might not have the same bullet today like it was in 2005. I purchased this ammo using a 300 grain Unicore/Hot Cor bullet that was loaded into it. (I have two cases in my possession, one of which said Unicore and the other was Hot-Cor and had the same product number). These were Speer bullets. I utilized this round to kill an unframed, small 7 point Whitetail which is likely to weigh 130lbs in live weight. The bullet struck the vitals, advancing forward. After entering it fractured the rib, which then deflected upwards through lung tissue, before hitting the vertebrae before breaking it. The bullet then deflected down and travelled through the ball of the shoulder offside before settling in the hide. The bull recovered was 254.8 grains and was perfectly mushroomed. The deer did not even make one step before falling. The second time I have shot 17 whitetails I’ve shot. The bullet gave me MOA groups of 100 yards. The recoil was light for the Ruger No.1. The ammo that was introduced today describes the bullet as an “hollow point”. Speer has stopped listing the bullet as Unicore/Hot-Cor for .458. It appears that the Federal Fusion bullet may have replaced the Unicore/Hot Cor bullet. I’m sure that this bullet’s “Hollow Point” (only a tiny dimple at the bullet’s tip) is a great choice for Whitetails at factory speeds. I would suggest the Fusion bullet, however. I wouldn’t recommend this ammo to Black Bear though. If it could not traverse 130 lbs Whitetail I’m not certain it could pass through a bear of 300lbs. Perhaps that 300 grains Trophy Bonded Bear Claw. For bears, I load the 58 grains of H4895 behind Speer’s 300 grain .458 bullet with an extra thick jacket specifically designed to handle .458 Winchester Magnum velocities of 2500 FPS. A super penetrator at 2200 fps.

  3. packmad123

    This round was more precise from my Handi rifle than the Hornady LEVERevolution, at 100 yards. But the LEVERevolution round was equally accurate at 75 yards. The Federal rounds were flawless and produced less recoil.

  4. chanchan

    great round 3 to 4 in group

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