550 Magnum Small Pistol Primer (1000 Rounds) 020-0018 | CCI

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550 Magnum Small Pistol Primer (1000 Rounds) 020-0018 | CCI


CCI Primers are continuously tested and improved. As a result today’s CCI primers are more sensitive, easier to seat and more compatible with progressive and automated loading equipment than ever before. They utilize modern non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixes for the cleanest burn possible.

Some real-world shooting conditions require more aggressive initiation than provided by standard primers. Large cases, cold weather, and certain propellants often require a hotter primer flame and a longer burn. CCI Magnum primers offer you that edge, plus you get all the attributes that make all CCI primers so great.

6 reviews for 550 Magnum Small Pistol Primer (1000 Rounds) 020-0018 | CCI

  1. kiko.santo.yusup

    The Magnum pistols are small and compact. They are perfect to use in 45 ACP cases with smaller primer pockets. We found a fantastic deal for RWS small primer pocket cases a couple of months ago and I was not thrilled with their precision using the normal small pistol primers. Then I changed onto the CCI smaller pistol magnum model and was able to see both velocity and accuracy improves.

  2. ainsleyscott02

    We use this load 9mm, .40, and 45ACP bullets for club competition.

  3. ordermc

    Great product

  4. ordermc

    CCI primers work great , my favorite brand.

  5. ordermc

    I have used different primers, but, I prefer CCI as I have never had a problem with them. I have been using CCI products since 1975 and they work.

  6. ordermc

    The product was delivered very quickly from Midway. I purchased primers from Brownells too the same day. Brown hasn’t even delivered my order. I’m extremely satisfied with the speed of delivery Midway offered. I’ve loaded over 300 CCI primers since I began loading again in December of this year and have had no problems with the primers. I am very satisfied with CCI as well and I will purchase their primers for as long as I have the stock available.

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