5.56 PMC AMMUNITION 62gr 1000RDS

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5.56 PMC AMMUNITION 62gr 1000RDS

Number of Rounds: 20Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATOBullet Weight: 62 grainBullet Type: Light Armor Piercing (LAP)





5 reviews for 5.56 PMC AMMUNITION 62gr 1000RDS

  1. 88.mjghost

    I’m convinced that this is better than Winchester M855 for only a fraction of the cost. The shipping was quick and I haven’t yet gone through all the options yet, but I haven’t had any issues so far. Excellent experience for my first online purchase.

  2. tvygbhub

    Fast shipping. Got exactly what I ordered. Great first impression

  3. Micheal Cirus

    Fast delivery thanks

  4. seantran

    Did a back to back firing of PMC and armscore 62 grain green tip. Immediately could tell the difference. PMC groups tighter and is more consistent. Also zero failures on a weapon with less than 500 rounds through it. Will deff buy again. Lastly LAX is an A+ seller all around.

  5. mialu35

    We shoot about 1,000 rounds a month during the spring & summer and I have never had a single problem with PMC ammo. I would highly recommend PMC ammo!

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