Barnes Vor-Tx 7mm ammo Remington Magnum 160gr BT Rifle

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Product Info for Barnes Vor-Tx 7mm ammo Remington Magnum 160gr TSX BT Rifle Cartridges – 200 Rounds

VOR-TX 7mm ammo Ammunition delivers handloaded precision in a factory round super-engineered to stop big game in its tracks. Expect complete penetration from our all-copper bullet technology with virtually 100% weight retention and double-diameter expansion. It’s a flawless confluence of bullet integrity and predictable, bone-busting chaos that puts animals on the ground like nothing else. They’re the deadliest, and most accurate hunting loads on the planet. These quality bullets pack a punch that is ideal for the hunter of larger game.

These bullets provide maximum tissue and bone destruction, pass-through penetration and devasting energy transfer. Loaded with TSX, Tipped TSX and TSX FN bullets.

Specifications for Barnes Vor-Tx 7mm ammo Remington Magnum 160gr TSX BT Rifle Cartridges – 200 Rounds:

Caliber: 7mm rem mag ammo
Number of Rounds: 200
Bullet Type: TSX Boat Tail
Bullet Weight: 160 grain
Cartridge Case Material: Brass
Package Type: Box
Primer Location: Centerfire

12 reviews for Barnes Vor-Tx 7mm ammo Remington Magnum 160gr BT Rifle

  1. atakanegin1907

    I like this bullet since there’s no lead and also because of the devastating wound channel it causes. It’s possible that I’m too optimistic and am striving to make Barnes as the “it” bullet for all my rifles. There’s nothing I love more than a bullet which makes as close to a perfect human kill as is possible. Presently, I purchase my ammunition, but in the event of reloading I’d choose Barnes bullets.

  2. nathan75

    Good Ammo. Shots small groups in my BAR, and killed my buck at 427 yards with one shot. We hunt early here in Calif. I hope this helps. I like the way it performs in my rifle. Oh yes, it’s also condor safe ( which means those darn condors will no longer attack us). Welcome to Ca.

  3. haikal

    Excellent round! Below 1 MOA for 100 yards on an x-bolt that is browning consistently. Utilized it to capture the 6×5 Colorado elk in the spring of this year. The shot was taken as the animal was chasing at 325 yards. The round was shot from behind the ribs and ended into breaking the front shoulder and also destroying both lungs during the process. The round was found fully intact right under the hide, so excellent penetration, but no way through. Animal took one step , then was thrown over. You can discuss partitions for all you like – I’ll never again use a round of my seven millimeter.

  4. paspasert

    Nothing special about this product. Dings in brass unpolished inaccurate out of Hells canyon LR. There is better factory ammo.

  5. fbatakam

    The Barnes bullets are among the top all copper bullets that is available according to my experience. They are hard hitting and penetrate deep for hard-hitting game. I shoot 70 grain 7mag to eat game hogs and have had huge success. if the bullets weren’t that good,Remington,Fiocchi,and Federal wouldn’t load them in their ammo. i have never had a problem with copper fouling from using them in 7mag.,30.06,270,35Whelen,45.70,and 375 H&H mag.

  6. atahang

    have fired 140gr 2 different rifles neck’s split ‘T/c Venture & Browning X Bolt!

  7. burcuyousoy

    I recently bought an Remington 783 with 7mm Rem. Mag. mostly to check how it compares against the R700. After making adjustments to the stock (improperly fitted in Remington to ensure that the barrel did not “float”), I went out to the range with an assortment of 7mm ammo. To cut a long tale short it was the Barnes 160gr TSX BT produced regular Sub MOA (3 shot) groups, with an average range of .75 inches (edge-to-edge). The most impressive was a clover that generally clustered into .25 millimeters (center-to-center). The 783 was a bit snobby with Hornady “Superformance” 140gr ammo (4 inch groups) and didn’t enjoy Federal Premium 150gr or 165gr (Sierra GameKing) ammo, either (2-3.5 inches groups). Federal Fusion 170gr shot right at 1 MOA. The different loads also had wildly different zeros. The lesson to take away was to always test different factory ammunition (if you’re not able to carry). If I had just fired at the Hornady or Federal Premium ammo (both of which shoot extremely effectively in my R700) I could have concluded wrongly that 783 is just a piece of crap. If you shoot the Barnes 160gr load TSX BT, this particular 783 is extremely accurate. It’s not bad for a rifle that costs $300 (that requires ammo for $47 to actually shootand shoot). However it’s you can shoot with the Federal Fusion 170gr ammo is less expensive and could be an acceptable option for a compromise. It was clustered just 1 inch lower than the Barnes ammo(I purchased hundreds of ammunition from similar stores and saved them for future reference).

  8. stephanieolieslager

    Excellent repeatability, devastating on southeast big game. Switched to this round after running out of hand loads from the gun shop where my Sako rifle was purchased. Shot 5 pigs, 1 deer, 2 coyotes this fall and all animals dropped in place, all shots were 125-200 yards. Found one bullet lodged beneth the rib sheath of a 450lb. pig that was shot in the face quartering and the bullet broke three ribs on the opposite side. And no lead for the family dinner table, this round is a winner.

  9. jesseariasaquino

    I was skeptical at first, but after using Barnes Vor-Tx 7mm Rem Mag 160 grain bullets, I am a believer. The consistent accuracy and devastating performance on game make them a must-have for any serious hunter. I would recommend these bullets to anyone looking for the ultimate in reliability and effectiveness.

  10. 4mariana

    I have been using Barnes Vor-Tx bullets for years, and the 7mm Rem Mag 160 grain bullets are no exception. The consistent performance and devastating terminal ballistics make them the perfect choice for hunting everything from deer to elk. I will continue to trust Barnes for all of my bullet needs.

  11. helmann

    I am blown away by the accuracy of these Barnes Vor-Tx bullets in my 7mm Rem Mag rifle. The 160 grain weight provides the perfect balance of power and precision, allowing me to take down game with ease. I will definitely be purchasing more of these bullets in the future.

  12. jackson stones

    The Barnes Vor-Tx 7mm Rem Mag 160 grain bullets are simply fantastic. The copper construction ensures reliable expansion and penetration, while the boat-tail design increases long-range accuracy. I would highly recommend these bullets to any hunter or long-range shooter.

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