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Product Overview of 257 weatherby magnum ammunition

For many years, Norma ammunition has built an outstanding reputation as premium ammunition for hunters in Europe and Africa. Today, Norma USA is pleased to offer American PH,  257 weatherby magnum ammunition designed specifically for the North American big game hunter. This ammunition is loaded with premium hunting bullets for maximum terminal performance.

Norma Soft Point bullets are conventional lead-tipped bullets perfect for hunting thin-skinned game. On impact, these bullets rapidly expand and mushroom to produce immediate devastation to the vitals.

Product Information

257 Weatherby Magnum
Grain Weight
100 Grains
100 Round
Muzzle Velocity
3510 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy
2736 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style
Jacketed Soft Point
Lead Free
Case Type
Velocity Rating

The 257 weatherby is a .257 caliber (6.53 mm) belted bottlenecked cartridge. It is one of the original standard length magnums developed by shortening the 257 weatherby magnum ammunition case to approx. 2.5 in (64 mm). Of the cartridges developed by Roy Weatherby, the .257 Weatherby Magnum was known to have been his favorite, and the cartridge currently ranks third in Weatherby cartridge sales, after the 257 weatherby magnum ammunition 

The .257 Weatherby Magnum is one of the flattest shooting commercial cartridges. It is capable of firing a 115 gr (7.5 g) Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet at 3,400 ft/s (1,036 m/s) generating 2,952 ft⋅lbf (4,002 J) of energy[3] which is comparable to factory loadings of the .30-06 Springfield and the .35 Whelen in terms of energy.

Discrepancies between the metric and U.S. diameters of the bullet may cause some confusion. A .257 bullet has a metric bullet diameter of 6.53 mm. However, in Europe cartridge designation nomenclature for a large part relies on the bore diameter. As the bore diameter of the .257 Weatherby Magnum is .250 inches this would make it a 6.35 mm caliber cartridge which uses 6.5 mm bullets (not to be confused with 6.5 mm caliber cartridges which use 6.7 mm/.264″ bullets).

4 reviews for Norma American 257 weatherby magnum

  1. ordermc

    This ammo is equipped to perform sub-MOA. I wasted a half dozen rounds trying to make it go through the paper but it was just out of place. When I switched out my first Weatherby scope of the Southgate Mark V Deluxe to the Leupold the groups quickly were tightened to about 1 MOA. I was shooting off a bench , but not an adequate rest. This was clearly not a good scope. The ammunition was able to do its job!

  2. ordermc

    I bought this item on sale. Usually, it is more expensive than Weatherby’s similar round. It’s as reliable and precise as Weatherby ammo, but I would not purchase it unless it’s on sale.

  3. ordermc

    I purchased a set of these as well as an assortment of Weatherby 100gn spitzers, for tests of range prior to the deer season. According to me (and I can only think of my shooting way of shooting) I discovered the Norma 100grain to be more precise at greater distances. I was able get an average of 3/4 inches at 300 yards. I put a hockey puck at 300 yards and shot three holes to the left of center. Fun. Due to how fast these shots all shots under 200yrds are likely to cause some damage. If you’re a meat hunter like me, it’s all about the shot location (head/upper neck shots). This shot has the potential to provide you with the pin-point shots…as long as the gun in front of the trigger can handle. If you spot the trophy at 300-500 yards and you are able to reach it, there is no trouble reaching out to it. Be patient when looking in these rounds because they are magnums, and they can heat up the barrel fast. I only managed to shoot three rounds before the barrel was hot enough that the impact point began moving around around me. However, if you’re hunting it is supposed to be”one shot one kill” I mean, isn’t it?

  4. ordermc

    This ammo is very high quality. When shooting this 257 weatherby mag ammunition in the testing terminal, the accuracy as well as speed and function performance were top-of-the-line. The velocity was in line according to the specifications, and accuracy was meticulously handloaded and the gun was working flawlessly. My surprise was the recovery of bullets shot through wood that was heavily burrowed. In my expectation of just fragments of wood at 50 yards, I was stunned to discover nice mushroom expanded bullets that had no separation of the core. By watching the expanded bullets you can notice how thin the front of the bullet is for expansion, but it becomes extremely heavy from the front of the cannilure groove down to the bottom of bullet. Do not be worried about bullet break-up when you are hunting bone using this ammunition with high-speed speed not at all.

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